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Why is Inbound Marketing important?

A lot many organisations during the pandemic turned towards inbound marketing.

Where advertising is important, because of the cost-cutting measure it was important for them to switch to something that compensated for the loss but also did not hamper their engagement with their audience.

We all know what is inbound marketing, but do we know why do we need inbound marketing

Here are a few reasons why inbound marketing might be a good measure:


If there’s an option given to you, who would you trust more:

1. A person you’ve just seen on an advert for the first time trying to sell you stuff OR

2. A brand you’ve found online through your own research and want to know more about their services and products.

The majority of the consumers who widely use the internet for their daily needs, would always rather do business with a brand that they have found and researched themselves than someone selling them a product aggressively

Why is that?

Because they trust them.

You have researched about them, been through their labels, read all the reviews and finally made a decision.

An inbound marketing strategy that is made accessible and available to consumers who have an active interest in the industry that you are present, is going to convert at much higher rates.

Trust is one of the major issues for online businesses and inbound marketing is a great way of overcoming it.

Brand Building

Inbound marketing helps you to create a brand for yourself

Small and medium-sized businesses are often short on time and must focus the majority of their resources on their customers or on the operational side of the business.

This can neglect branding.

But Branding is one of the most crucial tasks apart from handling other resources in the business.

Small term investments with a consistent approach towards building a brand can pay off with big rewards in the long term.

Quality Leads and Customers

Who wouldn’t want to work with the people whom they vibe with?

Inbound marketing creates every business’s favourite kind of leads and customers.

The people who convert,

1. love the industry you work in,

2. are really passionate about your products

3. seek long term partnership with your brand

4. refer others

A big reason for this is the trust and brand building advantages which comes with inbound marketing, but it’s also because the people who are most active and keep up with your industry are those who enter new businesses through these inbound channels.

These are the people who are well worth capitalising on and you would look forward to working with them.

Bonus point, if allowed, you can use their content to create social proof, reviews, testimonials and even referrals.

Long-Term Growth

One of the best advantages of inbound marketing is the foundations it lays for long-term growth.

A marketing strategy that incorporates inbound efforts might start slow, but it means that businesses can grow alongside their advertising campaigns and also compound on them.

Inbound marketing efforts generate FREE results that grow over time when you’re consistent in delivering the right plays.

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