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The Story


The story goes way back in time when we were all quarantined. When the deadly virus COVID-19 had taken over the world. Millions of people were laid off, lost their jobs, furloughed, and got a massive pause written all over their plans. People started to lose hope and from all the directions they were just listening to the words like productivity, upskilling, this too shall pass, and so on.

Marketing has always been my passion and during these times when I was given the same advice, I decided, why not become a source of hope for you. When I started writing on LinkedIn and people started appreciating my words and wisdom of knowledge, I decided to put some use of creativity and hone my passion into this blog.

And thus, in the summer of 2020, was born.  From using the perfect blend of data-driven marketing be its conversion rate, revenue marketing, content marketing to get traffic, attracting customers, providing a unique customer experience, selling a product online, and my favourite, building a brand, you’ll find everything here.

By being a part of this blog, I hope you will get to know how to tell your own story in a way that people can relate to personally.

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