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What did the Purple Cow by Seth Godin teach me?

I recently finished reading The Purple Cow by Seth Godin and as a marketer or someone who’s started their own business or planning to, this is one of the best books to read.

There was a lot that I got to learn from the book, but here I am sharing some of them that really stood out.

1. Take Ideas from other industries

If you’re from one industry doesn’t mean you can’t take ideas from other ones to scale your marketing strategy or business. who says that a full-fledged that worked wonders form a personal care industry won't do good in the Food one?

This reminded me of how I took an idea from a perfumery brand that I worked on, that too in another country altogether, and applied it to an organic foods brand. As anticipated it did work wonders.

2. Finding things that are not done in the industry

We have got so many successful start-ups that had a base abroad but took a new shape in India. Startups like Ola, Flipkart, or even a sophisticated way of making ice-creams is an Indian adaptation of ideas that were working in full force in foreign regions.

So, research anything and everything about your industry and you’ll find something that hasn’t been covered. Once you find it, work your self on the path of making it comfortable for the audience you want to reach out to. you never know that your idea may work out very well.

3. Ask ‘Why Not’?

This has to be my favorite and especially when you answer the question of 'what have you got to lose'? If the stakes are high then researching a lot can really help you give a head start, but if they are low experimentation is the way to go. This way you procrastinate less and just get on executing the task.

Because as Harshad Mehta said ' Risk hai to Ishq Hai'.

4. Think small

If you’re there to please everyone, you might end up pleasing no one.

Remember in this vast world there will always be people who might not be happy with your success and give you advice that you didn't even ask for.

So start with the smallest conceivable market and overwhelm them with your product’s remarkability. Then slowly take the path of growth and find something that is non-conventional in your industry. Maybe that's how you'll be able to paint the cow purple

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