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L'Oreal Atelier Cologne- Perfume Brand Project

This has been one of the best projects that I have worked on. A line extension that L'Oreal was testing the water with started from a catchment area in the high-end streets of Milan.

The objective was

  1. to increase the brand awareness and average ticket size of the brand

  2. make the brand cult and create a community around it

Getting to work with people from different nationalities and cultures was also a plus point as it allowed me to understand consumer behavior and triggers and barriers of purchase from different angles.

The best part- none of the team members knew Italian and since the target market was Italian, it became harder for us to decode the sentiments and personalization tactics that we could put up for the ticket size to increase, but despite all the hurdles we manage to score perfectly in the final analysis.

Take a Sneak Peek at one of my favorite projects...

I have attached my project for you to check out the step by step process of how we went solving the problem of increasing the brand awareness of the product.

One of the major accomplishments- Despite this being a university project, a lot of instances and ideas have been taken, molded according to the given brand identity, and applied to the real Atelier Cologne website.

You can check the website out here

and my project out here-->

Download PDF • 4.79MB

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