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Floor Cleaner Market

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

India's land and culture is known for their home cleanliness. From immaculate kitchen floors to clean bathrooms made ready for the guest arrivals, we try our best not to leave even a spot dirty.

Adhering to this culture, the floor, bathroom and toilet cleaner market in India is ever-growing and even after the ongoing pandemic, the demand and sales for these products have increased manifolds.

One place where we saw the demand and adaption increasing but not a lot many competitors striking is the natural floor cleaner market. There are a lot of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes generated by the daily and branded floor cleaners you use. These toxic fumes can be really harmful not only for the environment but for the children and elderly.

The current PDF shows a glimpse of the Brand Plan, Primary and Secondary research done in order to safely tap into the market with our existing product and slowly make it a household name.

Check out the screenshots for some sneak peek and download the PDF for an introductory glimpse of the project.

If you want to know the entire project, drop me a text on the mentioned LinkedIn Profile.

Floor Cleaner Market
Download PDF • 448KB

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