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How To Reach Your Customers With Traditional and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is ubiquitous, but traditional marketing still has its place in marketing campaigns. By mixing the two, you can provide a complete package to create an effective marketing strategy. The following tips and resources can help you get your digital marketing campaign off on the right foot.

What Are Some Traditional Types of Marketing?

A flyer can be an effective marketing tool if used correctly. This means understanding the intended purpose of the flyer when creating one. Consider both the size of the flyer and how it will be distributed before you make one up.

Just like flyers, coupons may seem archaic, but they can still serve an important purpose in your marketing campaign. The key is to make sure your coupons are ultimately profitable for you. This can be accomplished by making coupons for specific products instead of broad discounts.

How Can You Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing?

You can pair conventional ideas with more modern types of marketing campaigns, such as digital and email marketing. Traditional marketing on its own is still effective, particularly for those who spend little or no time online. In comparison, digital marketing, which includes a wide variety of online advertising tools, is less expensive but also less effective because of how crowded the Internet is with ads. With so many other companies using online marketing approaches, it can be difficult to get noticed.

Marketing on social media is where the bulk of marketing budgets are spent today. Social media marketing allows you to both cover a lot of figurative ground while also targeting your exposure. When marketing on social media, keep things as consistent as possible. Regardless of which social media platforms you use, try to keep the same photos and user name.

There are professional services that can help you with your digital marketing efforts. You could, for example, use social media influencers to market your product, which can be done through influencer marketing agencies. This and other types of agencies can be found on online job platforms that provide reviews and rates for services.

What Are Some Other Methods?

Another option that can be done in either medium is discounting. When offering discounts, you can try percentage-based or flat dollar mark-offs, free shipping, or gift offers. Consider the pros and cons of each depending on the purpose of the discount.

A catchy slogan communicates what your business is about in just a few words and is something you can use in both traditional and digital marketing campaigns. People tend to have an easier time remembering slogans over the names of the businesses to which they are attached. You thus want to take your time creating a slogan, using research to create something simple and memorable that will resonate with your target audience.

Staying in touch with your customers is vital to any business. In addition to learning about how your customer base finds your product, maintaining communication makes them more likely to appreciate your brand. According to one survey, 59% of Americans are willing to try a new brand for a better customer service experience. Ask your potential customers how they shop around to get a better feel for what they’re after in the type of product or service you’re providing.

Digital marketing may seem like it’s overtaking traditional marketing, but that doesn’t mean traditional marketing is ineffective, either on its own or combined with the former. A combination of the two can often offer the best solution. Be sure your advertising is leading your customers to a great-looking website.

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