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Dimension of Ease in Brand Marketing

How many times it has happened that you went on a website to buy something but you were bombarded with too many choices and instead of purchasing something you ended up leaving the website?

Once, twice maybe a few times..

Sometimes, information overload leaves us hesitant rather than clear-headed. We can occasionally see technology adding complexity, difficulty, and frustration to the service experience.

So, as a brand manager or product manager, what shall we do? Let's see 3 points where we can ease the journey of customers and make them purchase from our website

1. Easy of Selection

Make selecting a brand simple. The world we live in offers too many options.

Choosing the ideal smartphone for your requirements is challenging. Should you go with iOs or android? Good camera quality or good battery life? Samsung, Apple, One Plus, Vivo or any other brand?

Or to put it another way, we don't want a high-budget phone at all? Is the time and effort invested worthwhile? We do not want decision-making to become more complex. reduce the number of options. On the other thought, do we really need so many different types of olive oil?

2. Utilization Ease ( Ease of Use)

Make the service or product simple to use.

Ensure that using a product or service is simple. We can feel ignorant or incompetent as a result of overly sophisticated products and services. Making Apple devices simple and intuitive to operate was one of their brilliant design decisions.

A driver's decision to actually utilise a certain function is influenced by how simple the user interface is to use. This includes lane-keeping systems and lane-changing alerts. Nobody wants to feel foolish. A product will not be used if it is too difficult to use.

3. Ease of Thought

People want to be at ease with the choices they make. Feeling satisfied not only signifies a good decision and simplicity of use but also allows them to unwind and feel more confident in their choices.

Having peace of mind makes you wonder:

Did I make the correct decision?

Am I satisfied with the choice?

Am I acting in my own best interests?

What am I really doing for my family?

Am I acting in the community's best interests?

Am I acting in the best interests of future generations?

For example, the emergence of driverless cars is changing how drivers perceive their level of unease. Artificial intelligence and automation will simplify our lives.

But the question is-Will they also soothe our concerns? Does occupying an autonomous car necessitate greater or a different kind of faith in the vehicle? What will it take to provide a passenger who is sitting in the driver's seat but not really driving peace of mind?

A strong benefit of products and services is what make our lives simpler. The brand of Amazon was created to simplify our lives. They facilitate choice and purchase. They make it simple to utilise their website. They provide reassurance together with top-notch service and warranties.

The three elements of ease—easy of choice, ease of usage, and ease of mind—should be prioritised by marketers as our environment gets increasingly technological, digital, and sophisticated.

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