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How did Spider-Man: No Way Home did so well at the box office despite a pandemic?

The collection of Spider-Man: No Way Home broke almost all the records at the box office when it managed to collect $1billion dollars within just 11 days of t's release on 17th of December 2021.

With the hype of the film being tremendous, the advance ticket sales began on Sunday 12th of December evening India, and a number of shows had already been declared sold out starting with over 50,000 tickets sold out in PVR just in over three hours

Given the collection of other films currently running at the box office, especially looking at the Hollywood chart, none of the films last year made it even near to such a great track record.

So apart from the nostalgic touch, as a marketer, what have been the best marketing strategies that worked out for the film?

1. Social Media Marketing

Source:Let's Eat Cake

-From Instagram to Twitter to Reddit and of course to Youtube, Spiderman's trailer broke all records of becoming the most-watched trailer in 24 hours.

With fans having multiple communities, fan pages and Twitter hashtags, the hype and excitement even roped in the non-followers to peak a glance and settle some curiosity

There was a hoard of spoilers to sentiment share all across different social media platforms where people from different regions across the globe rushed to share their opinions and feelings for the film which managed to garner extra attention and curiosity from the supporters.

2. Event Marketing and Content Marketing

Source: Cosplay Central

From Comic-cons to press tours to multiple talk shows and even halloween parties, you can hardly find a place where someone was not wearing the Spider-Man costume

All these events, ultimately gave rise to new content or topics of new content for influencers and other people to discuss and find like minded communities on Social media for a full blown conversation on fan theories and critics reviews

3. Storytelling

The most important part for any movie be it MCU or any genre, storytelling is the foundation.

But for Spider-Man, it's a story of 3 generations and some part of the ongoing phases of MCU (which is already a big franchise) coming together to form one story which captured the hearts of millions of fans around the globe.

It also brings a sense of nostalgia for those who saw the first Spider-Man movie in their childhood and are able to relive those memories again after almost 20 years

Storytelling with surprises always captures the eyes and the brains of the

audience for them to reminisce the events for a longer time, giving them a topic for conversation, which has been amazingly brought together in the new movie

With all these great strategies applied, I am excited to see what's there to unfold in the upcoming movies under the MCU

What other marketing strategies do you think were successful to grab the attention of the viewers?


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